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015 - Gus Lynch


HUZZAH! The gregarious and dynamic Gus Lynch joins me for a fantastic episode. In true form, Gus came to the show ready to play so this is a great, great conversation with a professional performer of a very high caliber.  Trust me, I'm a comedian.

Not only is Zac Naughton one of my oldest friends but he's also one of the greatest purveyors of sick guitar riffs this side of the Atlantic.  In high school, he formed the band BRIAN JONES, a band I managed for nearly a decade, but now he's creating music on his own with a new album coming soon.  He's also a ridiculous, childish, childlike man and he's been responsible for some of the deepest laughs of my life.  Ugh!

Adam Quesnell joins me for a discussion of comedy, action figures, fast food and more.  This is a great talk with a great comedian and is very much a perfect example of what I want this show to be.  Lucky for you, you get to listen to it!

JD Provorse of the North Dakota Provorses is here!  Experience the passion!  Experience the fury!

Wendy Maybury is here and she is super-pregnant because we recorded this ten days before her due date (not because there is something called Super-Pregnancy).  Wendy is a sassy southern gal who now lives and performs comedy in Minneapolis and she is truly a peach.  I could talk to her for hours AND I DID.  This is the longest episode of Dogbrain yet so be prepared.

Comedian and local Karnov-look-alike, Corey Adam, is here with insight about positioning and marketing yourself in the entertainment industry.  Corey also hosts his own podcasts, The Dirty Bomb Shop and Chronic Zen, and various open mics in the Twin Cities area and he knows how to fight and will tell you how if you ask.  Good stuff from a short, hirsute Italian man.

009 - Ben Roy


The Grawlix's Ben Roy is here.  This is a good one.  One of the best.  I love doing this show and this episode is a perfect example of why: it's weird, insightful and funny.  YES.

Here's what you need to know about Mike O'Keefe: He's from Michigan and is the epitome of a midwestern Catholic boy, he loves professional wrestling to an almost dangerous degree and he looks exactly like Notre Dame's Fighting Irish mascot.  He's also very young and very funny.  Goddamn him.

Patrick Ryan Bauer (P-Bau!) talks about fast food, comic books and, of course, comedy.

Look, I'm not going to lie to you.  I'm down with JC.  And I'm not talking any old JC neither.  I'm talking about John MOTHER-F-ING Conroy.  I mean, I could pretend like I'm not a big fan of his comedy, or in awe of his talent or just generally impressed by his character but I don't play games.  I'm not a fan of them.  Not one bit.

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