Ian Fishman!  Stand-up-improviser-sketch-performer-voice-over-artist-burner.  A multi-hyphenate amongst multi-hyphenates!  Get into it.

024 - Rana May


Rana May is the winner of the 2014 Funniest Person With A Day Job contest at the House of Comedy in Bloomington, MN.  She rules.  She also brought donuts, so she double-rules.

Tommy Ryman is a regular performer at Acme Comedy Co. in Minneapolis, one of my favorite comedians to watch and, as I did not find out until after this recording, has been featured on the most recent season of Last Comic Standing on NBC.  He has a fantastic comedy album out on Stand Up! Records called "Bath Time with Tommy Ryman" which you should spend your money on.

Look, I've been trying to get Jeff "Pfoser" Pfoser (pronounced "Foe-zer") AKA Jay Foz on Dogbrain since the show began but he's busy being a comedian, a creative director at a local ad agency a father of four (four!) and, miraculously, a well-adjusted person so finding time is hard.  Finally, he's here for one of the best episodes yet.  Dig it, daddy-o.

Katie Sisneros.  Wow.  This is a good one.  Katie (NOT KATHERINE) is a Minneapolis based writer, academic, English history expert and junk food enthusiast.  She also is a co-founder and co-editor of The Tangential, a rad depository of interesting things that just published their second book called Bright Lights Twin Cities.

20 - Matt Olson


Matt Olson (with an "son", son!) is the primary director and one of the key visionaries behind the Twin Cities comedy and sketch super group The Turkeys!  He's also an award winning filmmaker and has been to the Cannes Film Festival, which, as you will find out in this episode, is not as glamorous as it seems.  This is a great talk (I say that every time but it's always true) and I'm very happy to share it with you.

Isaac Witty! He was on Conan!  He was in Christian music videos!  He is a Minnesota Twins fan! He is a real Turkey!  Isaac is the 1st second generation comedian to appear on Dogbrain.  We'll talk about growing up as the son of Christian comedians, writing and performing clean comedy vs. the more risque material he does with The Turkeys ("Anything that's dirty, Gabe wrote it,") and why growing up is stupid.

Robert Baril is a man of many trades.  Substitute teacher by day, stand up comedian by night.  On the weekends, he hosts "Laughing Matters," a news/talk radio show featuring comedians offering their takes on political and general interest stories.  Robert is also one of the co-hosts of Filter Free Amerika, a great podcast dedicated to politics, news and interviewing people of interest.  This episode of Dogbrain is a great talk: a long, insightful one that touches on many subjects including religion, education, history and politics.  If that's your cup of tea then this is your... cup of tea?

Sean McPherson AKA Twinkie Jiggles is a man of many talents and many passions.  He's a founding member of St. Paul's hip hop consortium Heiruspecs, plays bass for Doomtree's Dessa and launched the hugely successful pub trivia company Trivia Mafia with Chuck Terhark, amongst various other projects.  He also leads his own band, Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra, which just released their first record "Too Big To Fail" in January of 2014.  Sean and I talked about all of this stuff and more in one of the best episodes of Dogbrain yet.

Comedian Bill Young!  Who doesn't love Bill Young?  According to his Tinder profile, it's African American Women, a problem that Bill is looking to rectify.  Please help him out, ladies.  You can find out how in this episode.

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